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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Anonymity… there’s something reassuring about it, isn’t there? It’s safe, comforting…

I thought so too. For years I buried myself. I hid who I am, what I do, and who I love from the world.

I tried to keep myself safe by squeezing into the boxes other people created for me.

Do you know what I discovered?

Those boxes were just far too small. And here’s why:

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist/hyphenate with a deep, deep passion for art, literature, and movement. I believe in (and practice) magic, have an intimate and enduring love of nature, and am intensely committed to spiritual and social evolution.

I'm a warrior who fights for the underdog and the marginalized. I am a nurturer. I have an aptitude for bringing people together and helping them experience the parts of themselves and their life they either overlook, subjugate, or feel afraid to access


Phew! Try fitting all that into a box. Or on a business card.

It just won’t work. But that’s okay. Because I’m much more than just a business card.

I’m so much more than the “category” other people want to put me into. And so are you.

People love to categorize. It’s just one of the ways we create meaning out of the abstract. But categorizing us also keeps us small, keeps us weak, keeps us living in fear, and keeps us committed to doing whatever we can to feel safe.

I believe it’s time to step out of the box.

I do the work I do primarily for my own liberation. I’m no longer willing to take on the limiting beliefs about what I can do or who I can become. I am tired of staying "safe" in anonymity and easy-fit categories.

But I also want my work to be heard as a rallying cry for the liberation of anyone brave enough to listen. And to answer.

I want to be a fierce advocate for people living their lives to their fullest potential. I want to be the liberator of human spirits, those of womxn in particular. Because you deserve to live free from judgment, harm, oppression, prejudice, injustice, and fear. You deserve to throw off the archaic systems that seek to keep you small and afraid.

Of course, I can’t do it alone. I need you, too, to liberate yourself, to commit yourself to finding your authentic self, to commit yourself to fully living. That takes guts because you have to take a look in the mirror and search—really search—for your true self. You have to ask, “who am I really”…and be prepared to listen to the answer.

If it sounds like a tall order…it is. And I don’t have the “answer” because there isn’t one.

But I can give you a starting place.

To learn how to truly LIVE, you have to experiment.

Drop into your body. Listen to what’s actually going on. Connect yourself to the planet by walking barefoot wherever and whenever possible. If you want to go even further, try this: cut off all visual stimulation and start paying attention to your other senses. What do you hear, what do you smell, and what do those sensations bring up for you? Question your reactions and listen within.

When you strip away the outer layers, the underlying stories will emerge and point you to who you really are.

Once your core is revealed, you have a choice. You can carry on as you are, you can keep playing where you feel safe—only now it’s with intention. Or you can make other choices. At any time, you can start making other choices.

You can choose anonymity, you can choose “safe”, you can choose the box, you can choose to simply exist. Or you can choose to really LIVE. My mission is to help you make that choice with ease.

I know that it takes guts. Life takes guts…

I love your guts.

My debut work of poetry, grief & loss & love & sex, is waiting for you at Indigo. Get it.

Also...keep an eye out for my upcoming Thrival Guide which will be full of practical exercises to help you experiment with what it looks (and feels) like to finally connect to your core and really LIVE.

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