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Sometimes life throws you into crisis mode.

I've faced my fair share of crises over the years and, on one hand (I suppose) it could be considered a good thing. Learning to navigate crisis has given me a particular skill set that is transferable to other areas of my life. But...a crisis isn't much fun while it's happening.

For the last five weeks my family has been in crisis mode, and I've been the one in charge of navigating us through it. I'm exhausted and, frankly, pissed at the people responsible. I'm pissed at them for having put my family through hell, for having robbed me of my summer with my son, for having sucked all the time, energy, and bandwidth for creativity out of my life and into the vortex of a 100% preventable catastrophe.

I've barely written or painted or photographed a thing throughout the entire five weeks.

This hurts me on a soul level.

One result (among others): there's no blog post this month. I have ten million thoughts I'd like to share with you, but no ability to wrangle them into something worth sharing.

But...there is this:

September is Suicide Prevention Month.

I have all kinds of feelings about the effectiveness of these designated months and approaches to managing the ongoing collective mental health crisis. But I'll save those for another day and time. In the meantime, in place of my usual blog post I'm sharing my recently released podcast episode of Suicide Noted, hosted by Sean Wellington, in which Sean interviews me about my suicide attempt (in 1997) and life since that terrible day.

You can find links to the episode by clicking here.

I promise to try to write and share something enlightening on the other side of this crisis.

Until then...keep on keepin' on, my friends.


Life takes guts! I love your guts.

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