So, I started a thing last week, the first official week of 2021, and I forgot to post it here. Because...hello Twilight Zone. Time has become such a slippery beast, days slip away without my noticing. The great news is, every day can be a beginning.

So...without further ado, I introduce #250WordThursday, a weekly series featuring a 250-Word piece of micro-fiction for your reading enjoyment (you can find this week's in a series of images right at the bottom of this post). If one of my stories sparks a desire in you to write a story of your own, so much the better. If that happens, please tell me and tag me so I can help share your story with the world. We can always use more art and inspiration!

To that end I will also share writing prompts to get your creative mind in gear. If you use the prompt, please tag @insidestoriesTO and #250WordThursday.

Happy reading and writing!

PROMPT: Write a max. 250-word story in the MYSTERY genre. It must contain the words COIN and GAZEBO and the phrase DON'T LET THEM IN. Bonus prompt (optional): Your character is baking bread.

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