Sooo.. today is my 49th birthday and I'm throwing a party right here on this blog to celebrate!

Why, you ask?

What makes THIS birthday news-worthy?

Well.. after SIX excruciating months of keeping it a secret from juuuuust about everyone--I mean.. I HAD to tell my Mum, I'm OVER THE MOON excited to announce my poetry collection, grief & loss & love & sex, has been picked up for publication by Indigo Press and will be re-released November 19, 2019 for distribution through CHAPTERS and INDIGO BOOKS & MUSIC!

This is only the BIGGEST DREAM OF MY LIFE coming true!

Curiously, when I was first offered the opportunity by Heather Reisman, Indigo's CEO, I thought I was going to throw up. Weird, right? How when we get the thing we've always wanted we don't know what the hell to do about it?

When BAD things happen, we say "Oh, of course!" But, when good things happen, we tend to think, "Can this be real? What's the catch? Why me? How me?"

For months I've struggled to to get my head around the idea that something I created--a BOOK (which is a bonafide piece of alchemical magic) with MY NAME on the cover--is now going to be in my favourite book store, sitting front and centre on feature tables across NORTH AMERICA for THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE to see and touch and buy and take home and read and love and share with others. Eeek!

So, in a way it's a good thing I've had time to process the news before sharing it with you because it has taken me all this time to get myself to believe it's really happening.


If you've been hoping to purchase a copy of grief & loss & love & sex for yourself or as a gift, you'll be able to do that as of November 19th, in stores and (I believe) online. I'll be making more announcements with updates for you between now and then. Believe me, after staying quiet this long it's going to be hard to shut me up!

In the meantime.. WE CELEBRATE!

You get a cupcake, and you get a cupcake, and you get a cupcake!

If only I could really send you cupcakes!

I would if I could, but I can't so I ask you instead... in honour of this monumental announcement and me heading into my 50th year of this existence (as of this moment right now), please go out and celebrate yourself and your own badass accomplishments today. Eat cake! Make love! Sing from the rooftops!

Don't let this be just another day. Make it the BEST DAY EVER!

Because it is!

Remember: Life takes guts. I love your guts! ~elemem

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