faith will be required

you will doubt yourself and faith will be required when the voices in your head shake you awake in the dead of night and demand you face the darkness before walking you through the light faith will be required

when you encounter your Self on the path to realization and begin to grasp the magnitude of the manifestation of your own potential for greatness faith will be required

when you question your ability to navigate such uncharted terrain liberated from the pain of playing small shrinking away from it all when you let fall away all that artificially propped you up to this day and experience that feeling of terrifying freedom for the first (and many successive) time(s) untangled from the rhymes written by others who tried to get you to conform to the norms that never fit when you’re finally done with it faith will be required

when you begin to grow and change and the world attempts to tamp you down again and you push your way back up like a violet through the sidewalk when you point to your own heart and tell it, “Now.. I’m listening” and you tune in to its voice and sway in sinus rhythm and step in time into the vision it’s projecting on the walls coming crumbling down around you from the pounding of its beat and the ground takes solid form underneath your feet and your skin begins to fit and you remember who you are is who you’ve always been only hidden and now exposed and who you are and who you’re being finally align and the dream you’ve dreamt a thousand times comes true and scares the shit out of you faith will be required when the people you thought you could count on let you down and you learn that expectations are the enemy and surrender is your friend and your perceptions of the world will never be the same again when you find what sets your soul on fire you learn fear and doubt are liars

and the truth comes from within and in spite of all your learning you still wonder

where in hell to begin when the only one holding you accountable is you and the easiest thing to do would be to quit

(holy hell how you wanna quit)

but you know now giving up on it

is not an option any longer

when you grit your teeth

and opt back in faith will be required when you clear your throat and then your mind

and look your doubters in the eye

and tell them you won’t stop me this time and you shake off old ideas

about how freedom is defined

when you turn your gaze into the mirror and love who’s looking back at you when all you thought you ever knew deep down inside proves true and all you’re left with is your highest you when you discover your Divinity tap into the source of everything that ever was or ever will be when it dawns on you that all of it is all of you for what is faith but understanding

the one you’ve been looking for is you

the one you’ve been praying to is you and every fresh moment is a blank slate and the truth is you can overwrite what’s been hardwired but, faith will be required

faith in the Self

you've known all along

you just didn't feel strong enough

to protect from the throng

from the echoes of outsiders drowning her out

casting doubt where what really belonged

was faith

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