What if I reached out to touch you

What if you reached back to me

What if I pulled you in closer

What if you didn’t resist

What if we kissed

What if a breeze was blowing

What if we danced in the mist

What if we kissed

What if your arm slipped around me

What if you loved how it felt

What if in my eyes you noticed

All your reservations melt

What if I walked around you

Slowly in circles

Tracing my fingers over your skin

What if we could no longer distinguish

Where I end and you begin

What if the world stopped spinning

What if we just stood still

What if what each of us was seeking

Was the very thing the other could fill

How fiercely you guard your freedom

I understand

I do that too

We inhabit the edges of this world

While longing to touch the sky

Your fear warns you

You might get smothered

But, Dear One

What if I’m the very one

Who came to teach how how to fly?

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