sad, mad world

Upon hearing sad news from my hometown this morning of the overdose death of a childhood friend, I'm revisiting this piece. The stack just keeps getting deeper...

forty five years old with a stack of dead friends I wonder if I laid them end to end could I build a bridge o’er this chasm of despair that threatens to swallow us all?

how small do I feel when I realize it’s real how powerless to conceal how desperately I feel I must stop it God, how I wish I could stop it

gun violence radio silence mass shootings department store lootings suicide bombs amidst the throngs and, a stabbing mistaken for performance art

wherefore art our sensibilities? is there still such a thing as humanity? humility?

ADHD and ADD, PCP and DDT, OCD and PTSD the world is too harsh for the fragile people if suicide doesn't get you cancer will whatever your poison in a world full of poison poison kills.

it eats you from the inside out. it eats me from the inside out. we all want out.

Written: December 5, 2015

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