I'm Lara Margaret Marjerrison. Sometimes known as elemem.


These are my inside stories.


I believe that words are the most powerful weapons on Earth and that they have the power to do the ultimate good: effect meaningful change.


This isn’t about being a storytelling coach or a speaking coach or a life coach—though those things figure into the equation. This is a social experiment. This is a learning curve. This is about taking a closer look at how each of us shows up in the world and how that impacts us and others. It’s about connecting us as human beings belly-to-belly and eye-to-eye, unplugging from devices and plugging back into humanity by getting into the real guts of who we are, as individuals and as a collective. This is about finding out who we can be when we have the guts to take off the filters and show the world what’s on the inside.


Do you have the guts?


Tell me your inside story.


"Life takes gutsI love your guts." ~elemem

Featured Stories

5000 Words About Friends for Life

September 15, 2019

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photo: David Bastedo

photo: David Bastedo

photo: David Bastedo

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